Daily Archives: April 25, 2009

Cynic photo shoot

This is a shoot I did while watching Cynic paint a piece. He invited me to participate with his crew in a museum show that will be in May. This series is in preparation for that show.

I wanted to approach the shoot with the idea of showing the painter in the urban element.  Simply snapping a few pictures of someone in front of a wall has been done. I want to show relation of the painter, wall and enviroment. The first shots I was just not feeling, there where at best I would call bland. As the sun began to set the light was fading and decided to drag out my portable strobes (Hensel Porty) to throw some more light on the wall.

With the strobes set up I started to get closer to the look I wanted, I placed the strobes close to the wall to “skip” the light off the texture of the wall. I placed a small second strobe on the ground behind the paint can crate. The allowed me to control the light and focus it on the area of interest. There is no photoshoping in the light, there is some minor tweaking done in Apple Aperture.