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Broken Camera…

This is my camera. There are many like it but this one is mine. My camera is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me, my camera is useless. Without my camera I am useless….

Well, the technical side, the mirror in the shutter assembly is no longer attached, so nothing to control focus . Cameras are rated to number of shutter cycles, I was living on borrowed time, I did get a few good shot of the smoke and water project. So getting wrapped up and going to be shipped off to the repair depot…

Smoke Photography

Smoke Photography

Blind Photographers

An exhibition called ‘Sight Unseen’ has opened at the California Museum of Photography which showcases the work of twelve blind photographers from around the world.

The curator of Sight Unseen, Douglas McCulloh, explains how visually impaired people are able to capture such beautiful images.

A photography exhibition designed for blind people has opened in Ukraine.

Each exhibit is accompanied by a 3D version and audio description. Gabriel Gatehouse reports from Kiev.

New stuff

I have new covers for Space Coast Living and Space Coast Business.

This is a shot of Linda Weatherman for the May 2009 cover of Space Coast Business. I really like this shot, Mrs Weatherman a with group. I have shot her before while working for Space Coast Business. I was very excited to shoot her for the cover of the magazine. I wanted to show a women in a strong and assertive way but not over bearing. Mrs. Weatherman is responsible for bring business to the Space Coast.







This cover shot was for the May 2009 issue of Space Coast Living of Dr Anita Saluja and her to lovely children. I was a new experience for me to shoot with children. They where where excellent subject and made the shoot very fun.





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Preparing for museum show…

The final sprint to complete all of the work I need to have finished for the graffiti show in the Brevard Art Museum, Under Pressure on May 16th continues. I use a printer in New York, Ken Allen Studio, to print all my work, his quality is second to none.  I have opted for this show to use large size images. The smallest of the 9 images I will display at this event will be 20 inches by 30 inches. I have two panoramic shots of work by Cynic and Slow, they are 72 inches wide by 24 inches tall may largest images to date.