New stuff

I have new covers for Space Coast Living and Space Coast Business.

This is a shot of Linda Weatherman for the May 2009 cover of Space Coast Business. I really like this shot, Mrs Weatherman a with group. I have shot her before while working for Space Coast Business. I was very excited to shoot her for the cover of the magazine. I wanted to show a women in a strong and assertive way but not over bearing. Mrs. Weatherman is responsible for bring business to the Space Coast.







This cover shot was for the May 2009 issue of Space Coast Living of Dr Anita Saluja and her to lovely children. I was a new experience for me to shoot with children. They where where excellent subject and made the shoot very fun.





And have been finishing up the images I will have a saturdays museum show Under Pressure….

In my frantic rush to finish my image mounting I drove a nail thru my finger, using an air nailer, missed the bone and pop out the other side. I can deal with pain and blood, but I do really hate the feeling I did something really stupid I know better not to do. At least I had my safety glasses on…