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Boiler Room

I was told about this very creepy basement/boiler room under the studio. Being a Florida native I have no experience with underground structures. I found this place intriguing and fet with some themes I want to explore.

here is Jacquie in the basement

New York

I have been up here a few weeks now and really enjoying myself as well expanding my knowledge of photography and print making. There so much to learn and many very subtle nuances to catch. I made prints for some incredible artist and I marveled at the images and beauty of each of them. Ken has been sharing his mountain of known on print making and photography.

I started to look a series of images I had shot of smoke and how to create a coherent series of image that told a complete story. Up in New York there much more to art than simply a pretty picture on a wall. I have been taking with other artist and photographers about more that physical object, more about the meaning and intent of the art.

I am in Brooklyn working for Ken Allen Studios for a while. I took out my camera and borrowed Ken’s 35mm L-Series 1.4 f lens for a test run. I was using the very shallow depth of field to isolate a small part of the image I want show.

I choose the bikes left on the street. Some where expensive, high tech and some where just old bikes left to be picked apart by passer by. Here is the top 5 folding bikes.

Ken Allen Studio

I been working in Brooklyn, New York at Ken Allen Studios. Ken and I have been friends for many years. Ken owns two studio’s, Brooklyn and the new studio in Alexandria Va. He is a fine art printer and works with some world famous artist. One of the projects I have been working on is a digitation of the photo archives of the Museum of New York City. This is a massive project is very interesting. I have seen images from the late 1800’s and to current images. I was really amazed at the quality of the old large format cameras. These cameras could have been shooting a negative that was 8 inch by 10 inch. The resolution and quality of the 35mm film just can’t compare.

Canon G10 & Underwater enclosure…

I was out at 2nd Light Surf Spot with my Canon G10 & underwater enclosure, working on my shooting technique from the water. Shoot from the water is a much greater challenge than shoot with a big lens from the beach. I learned a great deal from my first attempt. I need to use a boogie board and or scuba fins.

The G10 is pretty good camera with 4k and 4k news, since I am shooting full sun light I don’t have to work about high ISO noise. What would make it better would be an external aiming system that would allow better subject tracking, the LCD is no match for full sun light. I wish the frame rate was higher. I also getting the subject closer is key, which is hard since the environment is very dynamic.

New light

I was experimenting with a new lighting style/technique for a completely different look. Most of the time I would have a very dark shot with the background falling off into darkness. This time I wanted to do some thing more interesting an use high key light. I used two Hensel Integra 500 w/s lights and Canon 580 EX. The lovely subject was lit completely from behind. No light was in front of the model. I wanted to have the light wrap around her legs, to give a glowing edge effect. To get this effect I used a large diffusion panel between the subject and the light source. I wanted to place a reflector over the camera to bounce back some light to fill the subject, but I did not have the time.

Long Legs

Long Legs

Blast from the past

Images of me are rare like the elusive big foot of the mountains. Ken Allen sent me images from our high school days, funny to see yourself from 25 years ago.

Here is a photo when I was snowed in Nuremberg, Germany around January 2007. I was trapped in my hotel, no trains or taxis where moving, so I went to wander around the forest for a few hours. I was feeling really sad, I was alone, no one to share my birthday…