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Close up of a tree leaf

Close up of a tree leaf

I was shooting in my backyard with trying to make up my mind on selling my macro lens. It is a great lens and have shot some nice images with it but I wondering if I might more use out of a different lens. The lens I have now is the Canon Telephoto EF 180mm f/3.5 L Macro. The “L” is Canon professional line of lens. Joking the term “L” lens is also “luxury” for the high price tag associated with the series of lens.

Getting close to your subject

Sometimes you have to get close to your subject. Sometimes you may not to be that close. Lucky I do not have a fear of spiders or huge monster spiders we get here in Florida.  I am told it is a Golden silk orb-weaver, I found this guy way out in the deep swamps of Central Florida, I was out in Bull Creek Wild Life area a few days ago.

Printing offer

I received this offer from Ken Allen Studios, I am going to try and get an hour of time to print many of my new images I shot while in New York.

August 12, 2010
Dear John

I hope you are well, and will take a moment to read about an event I will be having at my printing studio in Brooklyn.

60 Minutes of Printing for $60

I have a lot of overstock fine art paper from 60″ rolls down to 8.5×11″ cut sheets that I want you to use up. There are a variety of papers many of which I ordered just for testing… and a few surprises.

On Thursday August 19th we will have ten (10) one hour appointments to print as much as you can.

You arrive for your appointment, look through our overstocked papers, give us your image/s and we will print as much as we can in your time slot. Prints have to finish by the end of the hour so we will determine when to send the last file to the printer. Some papers may run out so you may end up with prints on different papers. It’s up to you if you want to print a few big prints or lots of little ones.

To reserve your one hour slot you must email us starting at 9:00:00 AM on Friday August 13th. The first 10 emails that we receive and make a confirmation deposit will reserve their spot.
Respond to this email if you are interested in this offer even if you cannot make it on Thursday the 19th. It is possible that we will have another promotion. Feel free to contacts us with any questions.


Ken Allen
Ken Allen Studios

Old Images

I have a good amount of old film & slides of my own and of my grandfathers with me in NYC. I am working at Ken Allen Studios in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. On of the core service provided my Ken’s studio is digitizing images. I have old color slides & 35mm negatives that are deteriorating from age. I wanted to save the images so I could save them for newer generations.

Many of these images are of people that have since past on and of places no longer in exist. As I get older I my perception of images chances.

One of the key challenges is to meta-tag all the images the best I can and preserve them in a format what will have longevity.

My first “LOL”

I love, one of my most favorite sites. They have may spin off sites as well, one of them is “Happy Chair is Happy” I liked how people could see a face smiling in objects in there suroundings. I started to look and train my eye to see things in a new way. I was waiting for a train in Penn Station in New York when I saw the party hat on the trash can. I stood up the hat, wiped out the Canon G10 and snapped off a few images. A few days later I submitted it to the site. The image got voted up to be on the site. It was my 5th attempt at getting an images posted. I have more to come…

I’m A Pretty Princess