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CPA Wealth Management Services

I was invited to shoot the event “A Taste of Tuscany!” for CPA Wealth Management Services. The event was an appreciation dinner for their clients. I was one of many vendors to help with the event. The evening had wonderful food, wine and live entertainment. The evening was topped off with Gelato, does not get any better!

Special Thanks to Jen LaRue & Leslie D. Carlson for all their hard work!

The Stranger Dissolves

I was contacted by Christina with the request to use one of my photos for the cover of her book of poetry. I was very impressed with her work and gladly collaborated with her for the cover shot.

Christina Hutchins

 “Christina Hutchins’ The Stranger Dissolves is an exquisite debut volume. This superb collection is elegant, impassioned, and consistently wise in its reckonings. Few poets so carefully embody the mind’s oscillations during reflection, and the beauty of Christina Hutchins’ poems is simply beyond measure. More than any first collection I know, The Stranger Dissolves melds both mind (intelligence and thought) and heart with a startling complexity, intricacy, and intimacy. This is a volume to keep at one’s [Read More…]

Annie Jr Show 2010

There was a very positive response to the posted images for sale from the “Aladdin Jr Show” this year! These talented young people put on a fabulous show, hot on the heels of the impressive 2010 production of “Annie Jr”. Therefore, I am pleased to announce that shots from “Annie Jr” will soon be available for sale! Both shows were produced by Places Please! and performed at Henegar Center for the Arts.

Find the images here ->

Aladdin Jr Gallery

Thank you for your patience. After going over the images I have posted over one thousand images for sale!

I am sure I have at least one image for every actor that appeared in the show. If you see an image you like but would like custom or additional editing, please feel free to contact me. My logo will not appear on your purchased photos or downloads. Also a percentage of the sales goes back to Places Please!. Photos are available in print, canvas print or download. Thank you for supporting the arts in Brevard County!!!