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Experimentation of new techniques and methods of photograhy

Real Estate & Architectural photography

This is a quick video I created to explain how I photograph Real Estate property & Architectural buildings. The resulting images look simple but,  the implementation on the other hand takes time and planning to get an exceptional image. Many times photographs of a luxury properties do not do the property justice it  deserves. Using Exposure Bending and Multi-Shot panoramic techniques I create image not possible with basic photography methods.

New, Old image

Rotterdam, Netherlands

I was revisiting images in my archive to help with a project I have to do an album cover for a friend. We discussed ideas and concept he wanted the image to have to work with the theme of the music.

An image I pulled out of the archive was an image I shot while in the city Rotterdam in the northern European country the Netherlands. I saw the red chair left in an alley near the hotel. I was struck by the lone red chair sitting vacate under a lone street light in a back ally. The loneliness of the image reminded me of my travels around the world.

Getting close to your subject

Sometimes you have to get close to your subject. Sometimes you may not to be that close. Lucky I do not have a fear of spiders or huge monster spiders we get here in Florida.  I am told it is a Golden silk orb-weaver, I found this guy way out in the deep swamps of Central Florida, I was out in Bull Creek Wild Life area a few days ago.

My first “LOL”

I love, one of my most favorite sites. They have may spin off sites as well, one of them is “Happy Chair is Happy” I liked how people could see a face smiling in objects in there suroundings. I started to look and train my eye to see things in a new way. I was waiting for a train in Penn Station in New York when I saw the party hat on the trash can. I stood up the hat, wiped out the Canon G10 and snapped off a few images. A few days later I submitted it to the site. The image got voted up to be on the site. It was my 5th attempt at getting an images posted. I have more to come…

I’m A Pretty Princess