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Experimentation of new techniques and methods of photograhy

I am in Brooklyn working for Ken Allen Studios for a while. I took out my camera and borrowed Ken’s 35mm L-Series 1.4 f lens for a test run. I was using the very shallow depth of field to isolate a small part of the image I want show.

I choose the bikes left on the street. Some where expensive, high tech and some where just old bikes left to be picked apart by passer by. Here is the top 5 folding bikes.

Canon G10 & Underwater enclosure…

I was out at 2nd Light Surf Spot with my Canon G10 & underwater enclosure, working on my shooting technique from the water. Shoot from the water is a much greater challenge than shoot with a big lens from the beach. I learned a great deal from my first attempt. I need to use a boogie board and or scuba fins.

The G10 is pretty good camera with 4k and 4k news, since I am shooting full sun light I don’t have to work about high ISO noise. What would make it better would be an external aiming system that would allow better subject tracking, the LCD is no match for full sun light. I wish the frame rate was higher. I also getting the subject closer is key, which is hard since the environment is very dynamic.

I have been experimenting with panoramic photography, it is a great way to show a large space with the over distortion of a ultra-wide angel lens or the severe cost of a professional grade wide angle lens. The every time I shoot a panorama I learn a new technique or trick to all them to come out better, I am going to try and shot multi shot panoramic and use a HDR techniques…

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I just finished a piece for the Melbourne Museum of Art Fund raiser. It was an adventure in mishaps, failed experiments and catastrophic failures. I just finished the final prints and dropped the piece off at the Museum.

It is an interesting piece, high speed capture of light bulbs being smashed by a hammer and capturing the aftermath of shattered bulbs. I also time lapse video I need to edit and get out, but first I need to sweep the floors and remove all the shattered glass…

A smashing good idea

Portraits of Halloween

These where shot last year. I was able to shoot in side an active haunted house. The cast has know me for years and enjoyed what I had done previous years. All this was done with ambient light and flash light, yes a little flash light. I was using a first generation 5D and the 2.8f L 24-70 lens. I wanted to isolate the subject out of the darkness and get close to breach the personal space of the character. This set I tried to use more of the ambient light in some of the shots to give more of an over all feeling of the images.