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place I unload some steam.

more reflection

dull spring time morning

dull spring time morning

Not an image you would expect taken in Florida spring time. I have been taking walks to get out of the house. I pic a theme I want to explore and take my pocket camera with me and walk. I try to find a new perspective to places I have been before. I use the camera as a tool to document my view of my surroundings. I have found that images I shoot are a reflection to my moods and feelings for that day. I wonder what these images says…

What would readers find useful?

What do readers find useful in my blog?

  • Images?
  • Basic photography concepts?
  • Explain how I set up a shot?
  • Behind the scenes?

I an going to have some more time to work on my blog as well bring up my professinal portfolio site in a few weeks. I have a number of shots I need to post, a number of underwater shoots as well as the opening party for the graffiti show at Slows

Product Photo Test Shots

I was tinkering with doing a few product shots for my portfolio. I waned to try out doing some water splash shots. I like working with kinetic subjects matter. Still not 100% happy with the results, need to work more with the lighting. Might try a different shaped glasses or maybe olives. 

More later

great quote…

I did not create this but I found it very interesting…

An expensive camera has as much to do with a great image as an expensive pots and pans have to do with wonderful meal…