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The deep swamp project

I was born and reared in Melbourne Florida. I have lived and played in and around the swamps all of my life, I never really thought that much of them. Swamps are just places were there is a lot of bugs, alligators and snakes. I was thinking where to shoot an interesting photograph you had to visit someplace far away and exotic like Europe, Africa or South America. It wasn’t until I turned my photographic eye to the wetlands then I started seeing the beauty.

Florida Wetlands in the Bull Creek WMA

Florida Wetlands in the Bull Creek WMA

Open Mike’s Spellbound

Were you fortunate enough to witness the transformation of Open Mike’s at Florida Discount Music into a sultry and decadent 1920’s speakeasy a couple of weeks ago? The gracious owners, Mike & Lisa Della Cioppa and designer extraordinaire, Maria Storman pulled out all the stops for a night of stylish entertainment, vintage fashion, mesmerizing magic with deliciously free-flowing hors d’oeuvres and libations. The crowd of attendees were decked out to the nines for this spirited night of high jinks! Here’s the proof, as captured by the lens of John Sluder Photography:







IMG_2547 (1)







My first solo show


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so what can your picture say about you? How much can you communicate about yourself in a second? Are first impressions really lasting impressions? Come and judge for yourself.

Locally acclaimed photographer, John Sluder, will unveil a series of compelling portraits in his first solo show at Off Center Art Center.

Some faces may be familiar. Perhaps a few new faces. The one thing these very personal images all have in common: the capture of human essence, by an intuitive artist who is one with his lens.