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Hearther Everett art work

Photographing Heather Everett’s paintings is a bit more work than just picking up a camera. Making a very accurate print of a painting is not a trivial task. Understanding of the whole work flow from capture to the processing, even to the paper selected to use for the final output can effect the final image. Here is a quick video I made to show some of the work required to make a good print.

I was hired to shoot jewelry created by a local artist. She works in Silver, Copper
and Stainless Steel. Each ring is hand made and assembled to form the complex pieces.

You can find her here on Facebook

Wedding Photography

Sunset Wedding photo

Sunset Wedding photo

This is some of the images I shot this month when I was hired to shoot a wedding. I try to shoot creatively and using as much light style and little post work to get to my final image. The shots I use a single strobe and the setting sun to create a mood, very little work was done in post. The real trick is mixing strobe light and sun light, what makes it a challenge is the setting sun and the color shift as it fall over the horizon.

Interior Photography

Slow Mural

I was ask by Chris Maslow (AKA Slow) to document his mural he painted in a local night that is redecorating in the interior. The mural is complete done with spray cans, no brushes. It was a tricky shot because of the light was very bright in some spots. I had to manually use a light meter to get a bracket exposure. I used nine exposures to get all the tonal detail of the image.

Ken Allen Studio

I been working in Brooklyn, New York at Ken Allen Studios. Ken and I have been friends for many years. Ken owns two studio’s, Brooklyn and the new studio in Alexandria Va. He is a fine art printer and works with some world famous artist. One of the projects I have been working on is a digitation of the photo archives of the Museum of New York City. This is a massive project is very interesting. I have seen images from the late 1800’s and to current images. I was really amazed at the quality of the old large format cameras. These cameras could have been shooting a negative that was 8 inch by 10 inch. The resolution and quality of the 35mm film just can’t compare.