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Blast from the past

Images of me are rare like the elusive big foot of the mountains. Ken Allen sent me images from our high school days, funny to see yourself from 25 years ago.

Here is a photo when I was snowed in Nuremberg, Germany around January 2007. I was trapped in my hotel, no trains or taxis where moving, so I went to wander around the forest for a few hours. I was feeling really sad, I was alone, no one to share my birthday…



Archiveing Sluder & Neas slide collections

Over Christmas holiday I acquired the slide collection of my grandfather Harry Neas, my mothers father, and my mother Laura Sluder. I have thousands if not tens of thousands of slides to catalog. It is giving me a completely different feelings and thoughts on photography and how people document there lives pre-digital age. I highly doubt anyone under 40 has had to sit through a slide show of family photos projected on a silver screen in the living room. The images where a shared event with family and friends re-living experiences called back by the visual aids of photographs. Now images are splashed on Face Book or Flicker for the world to see.

I have gotten some very useful insight to digitizing for archiving purposes from Ken Allen of Ken Allen Studios in New Yard and Washington DC. I was using a flatbed scanner but was unhappy with the results. I switched to camera mounted slide duplicator the is on a Canon 5D MKII. This allows me to use my standard work flow that I would use for commercial shoot. At the recommendation of Ken I am currently using a Canon 580ex flash as my light source. I have a simple cable between camera body and flash unit. The advantage of the flash unit is the a more constant light quality over the color spectrum.

I have been experimenting with panoramic photography, it is a great way to show a large space with the over distortion of a ultra-wide angel lens or the severe cost of a professional grade wide angle lens. The every time I shoot a panorama I learn a new technique or trick to all them to come out better, I am going to try and shot multi shot panoramic and use a HDR techniques…

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Painting with light

I was experimenting with mixing ambient, strobe and flashlights. I had two lovely ladies help me out with the process. Exposures are 15-30 seconds, so we had time to paint the subject