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Holy Trinity homecoming football game…

Friday night was Holy Trinity’s’ homecoming game against Melbourne Central Catholic. I was on assignment from Florida Today Newspaper to cover the event. I only had time to cover the first half of the game to make my dead line. Holt Trinity has a very nice field that is well-kept and well-lit. I was using my 5D mk II and the 2.8f L 400mm. The lens is a bit over kill, I had to move away from the line of scrimmage to allow for wider shots. I need more practice tracking the ball with such a narrow field of view. The low noise of the 5D mk II full frame sensor allowed for great images @ ISO 3200, the 2.8f aperture allowed for faster shutters speed to stop most of the action. The only real down side of the 5D mk II is the relativity slow shutter cycle rate. A cropped sensor camera usually has a higher cycle rate. The Canon 1D mkIII is a sport camera with a smaller sensor and very high cycle rate. It sounds like a machine gun when the camera is set to burst mode.

What would readers find useful?

What do readers find useful in my blog?

  • Images?
  • Basic photography concepts?
  • Explain how I set up a shot?
  • Behind the scenes?

I an going to have some more time to work on my blog as well bring up my professinal portfolio site in a few weeks. I have a number of shots I need to post, a number of underwater shoots as well as the opening party for the graffiti show at Slows

Space Shuttle

I was doing the very tourist like thing of photographing the space shuttle. It is really hard to describe the amount of light and sound is created on a launch of the shuttles. I was using the 5D mkII my trusty f2.8f L 24-70 @ 24 sitting on a tripod. I was set up @ a marine on highway 520 on the Indian River. I think I could have done better if I had used a longer shutter time, this was a 20sec. An exposer of 30 or more whould have gotten more of the light trail. Oh well better luck next time.

Surfing Pictures

Hurricane Bill produced some big waves for Brevard County. I when out to 2nd Light and drug out the f 2.8 L 400 mm lens and added a 2x Tele-converter on a Canon 5d MKII. The first thing I can say is the day was over casted and the angle of the sun light presented less than perfect likelihood for get great surfer mag quality images. The main problem was the angle of light, I think switching metering from average to spot I would had a better exposure. The surfer in front of the wave was shaded from the sun on the back side.

Sunset and Storm…

On my way home I stopped and caught a sunset and storm coming in the area. I was using my Canon G10, I over all happy with the camera. If I don’t want the weight or bulkiness of a DSLR, it is in my pocket.