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Primary Flight – Day 2

Primary Flight took place during Art Basel 2010 in Miami’s around the Wynwood Arts District. Graffiti & Street artists took over the wall of the Wynwood Arts District with permission of the building owners. It was an epic event, I had a bit of an apprehension to being in Miami industrial district  at night. I have to say I was wrong, the area was crawling with artist everywhere, the air had a good vibe. Every one was very chill and in to the scene. I was jaw dropped over the work I saw, it was amazing to meet and talk to people from around the world that had come to Miami to take a can of spray paint to a wall.

This images are shot with a Canon 5D MK II, I used a number of techniques to get the shots. I want to capture the interaction of the artist and their work


Close up of a tree leaf

Close up of a tree leaf

I was shooting in my backyard with trying to make up my mind on selling my macro lens. It is a great lens and have shot some nice images with it but I wondering if I might more use out of a different lens. The lens I have now is the Canon Telephoto EF 180mm f/3.5 L Macro. The “L” is Canon professional line of lens. Joking the term “L” lens is also “luxury” for the high price tag associated with the series of lens.