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More Surfing at 2nd Light

This is the 2nd set from Thursday, I was there for a few hours shooting, I have been working on my technique for shooting land based surfing. I used the Canon 5D mk II and the 2.8f L 400mm lens with a 2X Teleconverter. The 5D mk II doesn’t have a fast frame rate, but with a full size sensor and 24 meg a pixel sensor I can crop half the image away and still have a plenty of image quality for printing images. I use Apple photography program Aperture. The first thing I do is down load all the images to my computer. Then I start to grade the images, Apertures auto stacking makes this a very fast.

The surf was good this afternoon. I head to 2nd Light and drug out the big lens and did some shooting. I was using a 5d mkII and a 2.8f L 400mm to allow me to get a bit closer I used a tele converter to push the focal length out to 800mm. This allowed me to get even closer to the action, most rides where at the first break.

(NOTE: If you don’t see your self, drop me a note jonsl at sluder dot net and tell me the day and what you where riding)

On the Edge Rock Climbing Gym, ABS

The local rock climbing gym, On the Edge Climbing Gym, had a ABS climbing competition rewarded with one at home ab machine. The event was all bouldering or climbing short but complex routes that where less than 10 – 15ft. The climbers do not use ropes, all the gear that is needed is shoes and chalk.

For more info please visit http://yourellipticals.com/proform-elliptical-reviews/.