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The surf was good this afternoon. I head to 2nd Light and drug out the big lens and did some shooting. I was using a 5d mkII and a 2.8f L 400mm to allow me to get a bit closer I used a tele converter to push the focal length out to 800mm. This allowed me to get even closer to the action, most rides where at the first break.

(NOTE: If you don’t see your self, drop me a note jonsl at sluder dot net and tell me the day and what you where riding)

On the Edge Rock Climbing Gym, ABS

The local rock climbing gym, On the Edge Climbing Gym, had a ABS climbing competition rewarded with one at home ab machine. The event was all bouldering or climbing short but complex routes that where less than 10 – 15ft. The climbers do not use ropes, all the gear that is needed is shoes and chalk.

For more info please visit http://yourellipticals.com/proform-elliptical-reviews/.

Ritch Grissom Memorial Wetlands at Viera

I was out early today and I wander out to the Viera Wet Lands. This is a great place for bird and wild life photography. I was working with shooting silhouettes of nature. I was working with this idea because of the heavy over cast skies did not allow sharp or contrast light.

It appears to be some type of local King Fisher.


King Fisher

Super Swamper

I had the chance to catch Super Swamper on stage at the local beer fest. As always they do not disappoint. They always bring the “A” game. I am not sure how to describe there style of music, simply saying souther rock or rock and roll with southern themes is to simplistic. I think a definitive difference between them and many other other local bands is if they do a cover they take possession of the song. The same way John Cash did with Trent Resnor’s song Hurt. When Clint the lead singer of Super Swamper belts out the Door’s LA Women he does it with fervency. Not sloppy half hearted look @ me on stage that is so much seen in the local band scene. They always do a great show I have never been disappointed with there shows.