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Florida Discount Music, Back Lot Show

Florida Discount Music held the “Back Lot” music event for local up and coming bands as an appreciation for all the customers. The last band to play was Konglom (facebook page) which is two piece band of Ryan Speer & Mike Della Cioppa. LX-Goods was there as well supporting local artists. The graffiti artist Sone did a quick throw piece on the back wall of the store.

I was hired to shoot jewelry created by a local artist. She works in Silver, Copper
and Stainless Steel. Each ring is hand made and assembled to form the complex pieces.

You can find her here on Facebook

Interior Photography

Slow Mural

I was ask by Chris Maslow (AKA Slow) to document his mural he painted in a local night that is redecorating in the interior. The mural is complete done with spray cans, no brushes. It was a tricky shot because of the light was very bright in some spots. I had to manually use a light meter to get a bracket exposure. I used nine exposures to get all the tonal detail of the image.