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Space Coast Ballet Nut Cracker at the King Center

I got a call from Kevin Roberts of Intimate Images to see if I could help out shoot the Space Coast Ballet performance of the Christmas classic The Nut Cracker at King Center. He asked me to shoot from the light control room which was a perfect range to use the Canon 2.8f L 400mm lens. I was able to get very close up and sharp images. The advantage  of having two photographers is immense. You get to complete different perspectives of the same event.

It was a wonderful show, I was very impressed. I will have to go back next year.


I just finished a piece for the Melbourne Museum of Art Fund raiser. It was an adventure in mishaps, failed experiments and catastrophic failures. I just finished the final prints and dropped the piece off at the Museum.

It is an interesting piece, high speed capture of light bulbs being smashed by a hammer and capturing the aftermath of shattered bulbs. I also time lapse video I need to edit and get out, but first I need to sweep the floors and remove all the shattered glass…

A smashing good idea

Super Swamper

I had the chance to catch Super Swamper on stage at the local beer fest. As always they do not disappoint. They always bring the “A” game. I am not sure how to describe there style of music, simply saying souther rock or rock and roll with southern themes is to simplistic. I think a definitive difference between them and many other other local bands is if they do a cover they take possession of the song. The same way John Cash did with Trent Resnor’s song Hurt. When Clint the lead singer of Super Swamper belts out the Door’s LA Women he does it with fervency. Not sloppy half hearted look @ me on stage that is so much seen in the local band scene. They always do a great show I have never been disappointed with there shows.