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Richard Jochum

I was asked to photograph an international artist and good friend for his up coming exhibition in China

Richard Jochum is a studio member at the Elizabeth Foundation of the Arts and an adjunct professor at Teachers College Columbia University in the Department of Arts and Humanities and the Film and Education Research Academy FERA. He has worked as a media and video artist since the late 1990s and has had numerous international exhibitions and screenings. Richard received his PhD from the University of Vienna (1997). His MFA in sculpture and media art is from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna (2001). Richard’s art practice is accompanied by publications and research in the field of cultural theory and contemporary art and he has been awarded several grants and prizes. His most recent public art installation is a flip book with 30 light boxes in a public railroad tunnel in Austria.


Richard JochumRichard Jochum

Wedding Video

People where shocked to find out I shoot weddings, so I put together a video with samples of my shooting style I like to use when shooting a very special day. I want to use my creativity to show the true beauty of a wedding. I want to avoid the cliches that many use as a crutch for lack of creativity.

Getting close to your subject

Sometimes you have to get close to your subject. Sometimes you may not to be that close. Lucky I do not have a fear of spiders or huge monster spiders we get here in Florida.  I am told it is a Golden silk orb-weaver, I found this guy way out in the deep swamps of Central Florida, I was out in Bull Creek Wild Life area a few days ago.

Boiler Room

I was told about this very creepy basement/boiler room under the studio. Being a Florida native I have no experience with underground structures. I found this place intriguing and fet with some themes I want to explore.

here is Jacquie in the basement

New York

I have been up here a few weeks now and really enjoying myself as well expanding my knowledge of photography and print making. There so much to learn and many very subtle nuances to catch. I made prints for some incredible artist and I marveled at the images and beauty of each of them. Ken has been sharing his mountain of known on print making and photography.

I started to look a series of images I had shot of smoke and how to create a coherent series of image that told a complete story. Up in New York there much more to art than simply a pretty picture on a wall. I have been taking with other artist and photographers about more that physical object, more about the meaning and intent of the art.