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Super Swamper

I had the chance to catch Super Swamper on stage at the local beer fest. As always they do not disappoint. They always bring the “A” game. I am not sure how to describe there style of music, simply saying souther rock or rock and roll with southern themes is to simplistic. I think a definitive difference between them and many other other local bands is if they do a cover they take possession of the song. The same way John Cash did with Trent Resnor’s song Hurt. When Clint the lead singer of Super Swamper belts out the Door’s LA Women he does it with fervency. Not sloppy half hearted look @ me on stage that is so much seen in the local band scene. They always do a great show I have never been disappointed with there shows.

Vampire Ball second night

The second night of the performance of the Vampire Ball by the Precision Contemporary Dance (http://www.precisioncontempdance.org) was held at the 321 Agency studio in downtown Melbourne. It was another wonderful performance, I had a chance to grab a few shots before, during and after the show.

Tonya Kay, FetCon 2009

I did not get to shoot much at FetCon 2009. I was not able to get to the show till lat friday night. The best time is to work out shoots with the models is the thursday night meet & greet. By the time I arrived most people I wanted to shoot with had already booked the weekend. I had met Tonya Kay the previous year at the show. We did a bull whip shoot last year that was great fun. We talked about trying to fit a shoot in her busy schedule between shows and personal appearances this year. I had an idea of how I wanted to shoot to look. Constraints of time, location and gear limited my options. I love working in adverse conditions makes for creative solutions for problems. I had about 30 minutes of shooting time and about 30 minutes of notification.

I wanted to have a halo around her. If you ever get the chance to meet you will notice that she a truly wonderful person. I have always consider her an angel. I want to the shots to be more than just hot girl with long legs. I used my main light behind her and used a camera mounted for the for ground shot.

What would readers find useful?

What do readers find useful in my blog?

  • Images?
  • Basic photography concepts?
  • Explain how I set up a shot?
  • Behind the scenes?

I an going to have some more time to work on my blog as well bring up my professinal portfolio site in a few weeks. I have a number of shots I need to post, a number of underwater shoots as well as the opening party for the graffiti show at Slows