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More from the my archives. I have worked with Christina Earp a few times, and every time it was a wonderful experience. This shoot we selected some vintage clothing from her mother collection. We shot in her beach side apartment which made a great backdrop.

October 9th Storm

A vicious storm came through Brevard Country on October 9th. Winds came out of the east at fourty plus knots. There is a small harbor north of Pineda Causeway and US1. There are a number of small sail & motor boats moored in the area. The anchor systems failed and all the boats washed ashore from ropes fraying and breaking, and chains failing. Most are recoverable, but a few are either sunk or severely damaged. On Oct 10th I was on hand to watch and help out with the recovery of two boats.

Revisit old shoots

This is from, from a older shoot I did a few years ago in Melbourne. The young lady is a big fan of cosplay. She hand made her own Jessica Rabbit outfit and I supplied the microphone. It was a fun shoot, I had her signing the song from the movie, she kept busting out laughing between shots. Enjoy!

Canon G10 & Underwater enclosure…

I was out at 2nd Light Surf Spot with my Canon G10 & underwater enclosure, working on my shooting technique from the water. Shoot from the water is a much greater challenge than shoot with a big lens from the beach. I learned a great deal from my first attempt. I need to use a boogie board and or scuba fins.

The G10 is pretty good camera with 4k and 4k news, since I am shooting full sun light I don’t have to work about high ISO noise. What would make it better would be an external aiming system that would allow better subject tracking, the LCD is no match for full sun light. I wish the frame rate was higher. I also getting the subject closer is key, which is hard since the environment is very dynamic.

Spooky Underwater Photography

I am still experimenting with the way I want my images look. I want a unique look and style of my own. There many other extremely talented underwater photographers creating some amazing images. A friend sent me a great link to my FB account of a UK photographer¬†Phoebe Rudomino that does very unique underwater images. The studio¬†Pinewood Studios in the UK is one of the state of art studio’s anywhere in the world.

I on the other hand I rely on gracious home owners that allow me to use their pools. Which has been working out, but I need to take it to the next level. The Canon G10 and housing is nice, but I would like to use the Canon 5D mk II for greater control and faster shutter release. I do plan to try to rig optical triggers that can fire land based strobes, for more interesting visual effects.