Blast from the past

Images of me are rare like the elusive big foot of the mountains. Ken Allen sent me images from our high school days, funny to see yourself from 25 years ago.

Here is a photo when I was snowed in Nuremberg, Germany around January 2007. I was trapped in my hotel, no trains or taxis where moving, so I went to wander around the forest for a few hours. I was feeling really sad, I was alone, no one to share my birthday…



2 thoughts on “Blast from the past

  1. eric

    hope you never feel that way again on your special day. The composition is great in this photo. Snow sure does lend it self to contrast and you can almost tell your mood.

  2. Mary Kelley

    Images of you are rare in print. Those of us that know you from the old days have wonderful imprints of you on our souls. Seeing your work has inspired me to show my daughter what wonderful things are possible when you let your creative side out and believe in yourself. I thank you for your art and your imprint.

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