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New light

I was experimenting with a new lighting style/technique for a completely different look. Most of the time I would have a very dark shot with the background falling off into darkness. This time I wanted to do some thing more interesting an use high key light. I used two Hensel Integra 500 w/s lights and Canon 580 EX. The lovely subject was lit completely from behind. No light was in front of the model. I wanted to have the light wrap around her legs, to give a glowing edge effect. To get this effect I used a large diffusion panel between the subject and the light source. I wanted to place a reflector over the camera to bounce back some light to fill the subject, but I did not have the time.

Long Legs

Long Legs

Blast from the past

Images of me are rare like the elusive big foot of the mountains. Ken Allen sent me images from our high school days, funny to see yourself from 25 years ago.

Here is a photo when I was snowed in Nuremberg, Germany around January 2007. I was trapped in my hotel, no trains or taxis where moving, so I went to wander around the forest for a few hours. I was feeling really sad, I was alone, no one to share my birthday…



more reflection

dull spring time morning

dull spring time morning

Not an image you would expect taken in Florida spring time. I have been taking walks to get out of the house. I pic a theme I want to explore and take my pocket camera with me and walk. I try to find a new perspective to places I have been before. I use the camera as a tool to document my view of my surroundings. I have found that images I shoot are a reflection to my moods and feelings for that day. I wonder what these images says…

video of one of my shoots

This is a video I shot a while ago to show the time and effort it takes to get a few good images. The shoot took 3-4 hours from set up to break down. That did not include post editing time to get a finished image. I shot with Tina and her vintage VW. The car was totaled in accident with an un-insured motorist a few months later.

In the video I sets up lights, move lights, move more lights, get on the ground to take a shot, then get up again to move the lights again. Getting a single shot can be long process. I start with a base look and then work from there. Some times I can get the shot quick, or the idea is not working and requires changes to the approach.


Eau Gallie Class Reunion!!!


We are planning a combined reunion for classes 1983 thru 1986. The reunion is also open to any other EGHS alumni… just send in your payment and you will be included.

Please help by spreading the word, inviting your friends, and suppling your contact information to my email address

Contact information should include the following :

  • 1. Name (maiden / married)
  • 2. Spouse
  • 3. Address
  • 4. Home Number
  • 5. Cell Number
  • 6. Email Address
  • 7. Website or Facebook
  • 8. Children’s Name and Ages
  • 9. Local contact in case we lose you for the next reunion

Pick the events you wish to attend and add to the cart, return from the cart to add more events and number of participants.

Once you select the days/events select check out, from there you can use a pay pal account or select to use your credit card or bank account (where available).

EGHS Reunion Payment