Monthly Archives: October 2009

Portraits of Halloween

These where shot last year. I was able to shoot in side an active haunted house. The cast has know me for years and enjoyed what I had done previous years. All this was done with ambient light and flash light, yes a little flash light. I was using a first generation 5D and the 2.8f L 24-70 lens. I wanted to isolate the subject out of the darkness and get close to breach the personal space of the character. This set I tried to use more of the ambient light in some of the shots to give more of an over all feeling of the images.

Holy Trinity homecoming football game…

Friday night was Holy Trinity’s’ homecoming game against Melbourne Central Catholic. I was on assignment from Florida Today Newspaper to cover the event. I only had time to cover the first half of the game to make my dead line. Holt Trinity has a very nice field that is well-kept and well-lit. I was using my 5D mk II and the 2.8f L 400mm. The lens is a bit over kill, I had to move away from the line of scrimmage to allow for wider shots. I need more practice tracking the ball with such a narrow field of view. The low noise of the 5D mk II full frame sensor allowed for great images @ ISO 3200, the 2.8f aperture allowed for faster shutters speed to stop most of the action. The only real down side of the 5D mk II is the relativity slow shutter cycle rate. A cropped sensor camera usually has a higher cycle rate. The Canon 1D mkIII is a sport camera with a smaller sensor and very high cycle rate. It sounds like a machine gun when the camera is set to burst mode.

Ritch Grissom Memorial Wetlands at Viera

I was out early today and I wander out to the Viera Wet Lands. This is a great place for bird and wild life photography. I was working with shooting silhouettes of nature. I was working with this idea because of the heavy over cast skies did not allow sharp or contrast light.

It appears to be some type of local King Fisher.


King Fisher


I just finished and editorial shoot for Space Coast Living. I was shooting in the Henegar Center for the Arts in down town Melbourne. I now am shooting full time, I am always looking for the next job.

Here is an image from last years Haunted House. Regrettably there will be no haunted house this year. Do to the very wet hurricane caused a great deal of damage to structure and left mold in it’s wake of destruction.

Skull on the floor

Skull on the floor

Not every one made it out…