Daily Archives: October 1, 2009

Tonya Kay, FetCon 2009

I did not get to shoot much at FetCon 2009. I was not able to get to the show till lat friday night. The best time is to work out shoots with the models is the thursday night meet & greet. By the time I arrived most people I wanted to shoot with had already booked the weekend. I had met Tonya Kay the previous year at the show. We did a bull whip shoot last year that was great fun. We talked about trying to fit a shoot in her busy schedule between shows and personal appearances this year. I had an idea of how I wanted to shoot to look. Constraints of time, location and gear limited my options. I love working in adverse conditions makes for creative solutions for problems. I had about 30 minutes of shooting time and about 30 minutes of notification.

I wanted to have a halo around her. If you ever get the chance to meet you will notice that she a truly wonderful person. I have always consider her an angel. I want to the shots to be more than just hot girl with long legs. I used my main light behind her and used a camera mounted for the for ground shot.