Canon G10 & Underwater enclosure…

I was out at 2nd Light Surf Spot with my Canon G10 & underwater enclosure, working on my shooting technique from the water. Shoot from the water is a much greater challenge than shoot with a big lens from the beach. I learned a great deal from my first attempt. I need to use a boogie board and or scuba fins.

The G10 is pretty good camera with 4k and 4k news, since I am shooting full sun light I don’t have to work about high ISO noise. What would make it better would be an external aiming system that would allow better subject tracking, the LCD is no match for full sun light. I wish the frame rate was higher. I also getting the subject closer is key, which is hard since the environment is very dynamic.

5 thoughts on “Canon G10 & Underwater enclosure…

  1. Rusty Nelson

    John, I cannot see G-10 videos anymore. Is it that the adobe may need to be downloaded to my new computer? there was one you filmed of me at 2nd Light I think surfing. I was dressed all in black with hat on. probably 2009-2011.

  2. Rusty Nelson

    I would gladly pay for the minute or so of footage. It was available to watch only here but not anymore.

  3. Rusty Nelson

    I thought you were in this business to make money. I have offered you payment for this footage for years now to no avail. Is it to cheap for you to deal with?

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