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Eau Gallie Class Reunion!!!


We are planning a combined reunion for classes 1983 thru 1986. The reunion is also open to any other EGHS alumni… just send in your payment and you will be included.

Please help by spreading the word, inviting your friends, and suppling your contact information to my email address

Contact information should include the following : TSinclai@harris.com

  • 1. Name (maiden / married)
  • 2. Spouse
  • 3. Address
  • 4. Home Number
  • 5. Cell Number
  • 6. Email Address
  • 7. Website or Facebook
  • 8. Children’s Name and Ages
  • 9. Local contact in case we lose you for the next reunion

Pick the events you wish to attend and add to the cart, return from the cart to add more events and number of participants.

Once you select the days/events select check out, from there you can use a pay pal account or select to use your credit card or bank account (where available).

EGHS Reunion Payment

I have been experimenting with panoramic photography, it is a great way to show a large space with the over distortion of a ultra-wide angel lens or the severe cost of a professional grade wide angle lens. The every time I shoot a panorama I learn a new technique or trick to all them to come out better, I am going to try and shot multi shot panoramic and use a HDR techniques…

click on image to get larger version

Space Coast Ballet Nut Cracker at the King Center

I got a call from Kevin Roberts of Intimate Images to see if I could help out shoot the Space Coast Ballet performance of the Christmas classic The Nut Cracker at King Center. He asked me to shoot from the light control room which was a perfect range to use the Canon 2.8f L 400mm lens. I was able to get very close up and sharp images. The advantage  of having two photographers is immense. You get to complete different perspectives of the same event.

It was a wonderful show, I was very impressed. I will have to go back next year.