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Off Center Art Center

Some of my work on display at Off Center Art Center

Some of my work on display at Off Center Art Center

Some of my black and white work on display at Off Center Art Center. I have a number of my 20″ X 30″ and a 40″ x 60″ print on display till the end of the month. You can find Off Center Art Center here

Here is a write-up by Kyle Heinly

Right now as I type this. I just want you to know that what I type I know firsthand is all. I am sitting in a gallery room at The Off Center Art Center. Just one of the places John Sluder displays his work at. He also curated the current show with his eyes that are photographic lenses to the soul but I am getting ahead of myself. For this particular show which was the goal to express fears, phobias, and dread I believe he knows all these quite well. I would imagine as the photographer you’d deal with the model’s own as well as yours in the process. That rapport is what comes across in the 9 pieces he chose for himself. Of the ones portraying people, models yes, but the comfort in which they all appear is real so they show not the pretentiousness seen in many photographic displays but the fragility, and the power within each one that lives when they trust the lens that is being put on them in such a way as to receive as much as their willing to give to it. 4 of them involving the idea of subtle power, or overt that would cause fear in any one who has a repressed vision of what women should be like, and 1 of which shows a woman tied in rope laying on a couch with a shoed foot is my particular favorite as when you look at her face you know she knows she’s in control which is just one of the examples where John has done a provocative photo that doesn’t take the soul away from the situation but tells a story. It is also the one that most men fear most, and most women love. It just shows you the poetic way that love, sensuality, and sexuality is still a fear for mankind. The last few that he gave to this show are of places where the souls have left an impact which he then captures evoking a haunting feeling in the gut. For example walls in Nuremberg that have known many that have walked on it’s streets but he has somehow captured it devoid of people showing it’s true beauty. Yet there is another one where it is a picture involving women in white costume dancing with wild abandon in a forest outside Frankfurt, and with one look what goes through the mind is one of loss but also hope in one glance.
What I am trying to say is that John Sluder takes a photo like an artist paints a painting whenever possible to capture it’s purity, and truth. Underneath both of those goals of the human spirit lies fear which makes the point that he had this all in his head from the beginning, knows it, accepts it, that is why he makes it easy for him to work with, to be in awe of his photos, and what keeps him provocative even in these rather overwhelming times where social media abounds rather taking the anachronistic approach showing you what you need to see. A artistic journalist who inspires thought offers Photo Booth Hire in Surrey.

Kyle Heinly

Owner of Off Center Art Center


More shows!!!

I’m thrilled to have been a part of Chris Maslow’s  pop-up gallery and guerrilla art show that shook up the Melbourne Art Festival last weekend. It was an inspiring experience and I’m especially happy that some of my shown work has now found permanent new homes.


Stay tuned for an encore guerrilla art show pop-up very, very soon.

This week I’m honored to be included in a group of artists invited to show work at Pizza Gallery this month. (link) My “Vintage Catwoman” shoot with Kate Blankenship in January is featured at this show. The shoot took place at Foo Bar during business hours, causing quite a stir…..

Next up, don’t miss my solo artist showing at the Spellbound 1920’s event at Open Mike’s the evening of Saturday May 18th. (link)



Kip’s Castle of Verona and Montclair, N.J


In 1902 construction began on a castle on a hill with a view of the skyline of New York City and the villages of Verona and Montclair. For three years, work continued on what would become Kypsburg, the home of Frederick Ellsworth Kip and his wife, Charlotte Bishop Williams Kip. Mr. Kip was a wealthy textile inventor and industrialist who published several books on U.S. tariff laws.

The Kip’s Castle Estate located on the ridge of First Mountain, which is shared by Verona and Montclair, is said to have been designed by Mrs. Kip and features 30 distinctive rooms in the castle, many with vaulted ceilings and fireplaces with handcrafted tiles. In addition, there is a two-story, 6,000 square-foot carriage house on the property. A showpiece of the property was a renowned octagonal rose garden.

Over the years, the estate remained in private hands. In 2000, the law firm that owned the castle began a long fight to develop the property with condos, townhouses and single-family homes. For seven years the historic gem was threatened with continued plans of development. Neighbors and others fought to save the beautiful 9,000-square-foot castle, its carriage house, serpentine drive and grounds. As in stories of old, everyone hoped for a knight on a steed to save the property from ruin, but the chances looked bleak.

In March 2007, the County of Essex, under the leadership of Executive Joseph N. DiVincenzo, Jr., stepped in to save the property, purchasing it with generous grants from the NJ Green Acres Program and the Essex County Recreation and Open Space Trust Fund.

The purchase added a gem to the historic Essex County Park System and paved the way for a “happy ever after” life for Kip’s Castle.

Without the darkness…

For a great cause!

wo Nights: Friday November 30th & Saturday December 1st
Time: Both nights are 7:00pm – 10pm
Tickets: $20 each for your choice of either night (Available now and in limited quantity!)

Join us for an exclusive two night event celebrating women through art, action art, live music, shopping, and more….proceeds to benefit The Pink Daisy Project, dedicated to helping young women with breast cancer manage treatment a little easier.

– Kristen Warren Featuring Ariel Polanco
– Jenna Lomazzo
– Jacie Madison

ART SHOW featuring:
Caroline Julianna Russell, Heather Everett, John Sluder, A.E. Soland, Dave Burton, Jeff Filipski, Dave Thomas, Ryan Speer, Derek Gores, Jen Tyler,Casey DeCotis, Tracy Hnat, and more TBA!

Gourmet Coffee, Wine, and Beer available at the bar.

TICKETS AVAILABLE at Open Mike’s located inside Florida Discount Music at 454 N. Harbor City Blvd. Melbourne, FL 32935

Or reserve your ticket over the phone with a credit card by calling: 321-254-5645